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Edubury Launch Event

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Edubury logoWe’d like to announce the launch of “Edubury” – a place to meet and share ideas on the subject of education.  This is a free event to support collaboration and co-operation amongst those involved in all aspects of education.

Edubury builds on the success of TeachMeets where teachers get together on a monthly basis to share ideas, problems and success in an informal setting. Edubury extends the idea to include other professionals who support the aims of education – teachers, teaching assistants, academics, student teachers and other education related professionals are all welcome.

Edubury provides informal opportunities to share ideas via short inputs and presentations that can take the form of:

  •  a two minute show and tell
  • a seven minute presentation
  • or up to 20 slides presented at the rate of 20 seconds per slide

It is an exciting alternative to externally driven professional development. You can just listen and network if you wish but… you can also contribute an idea, a tip, a problem or a solution.

The aim is to exploit the synergies from the expertise and insight of professionals, the fresh ideas of trainees and to glimpse at the potential of new research and evidence.

Fast, stimulating, up to the minute, supportive and relevant. This is the antidote to conscripted professional development.

The first Edubury will be held on June 11 2013 from 6.30 to 8.30 in room OF42 in The Old Sessions House, Canterbury Christ Church University, Long Port, Canterbury.

It should be great fun. Look forward to meeting you at the first Edubury!

RSVP : http://www.meetup.com/Edubury/

Twitter: @EduburyExtra

This event is supported by www.consider-ed.org.uk and www.ttrb3.org.uk and is a sister event to the Digibury meetups in Canterbury.

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