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Education Election: Here we are again on teacher development

With another general election looming, education and teacher education is already featuring as a battle ground. Should our children be taught by qualified teachers or not? William Stow wonders whether this headline debate is a distraction from bigger issues and fails to address the key point – how do we recruit AND retain the best […]

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Education Election: Performance Related Pay and the Rise of Authoritarianism in Schools

During the final term of last year I heard numerous stories from highly stressed teachers, all worried about not receiving an incremental pay rise owing to anxiety over whether their pupils’ test scores were going to hit designated targets. To put it mildly, these teachers didn’t seem fans of the new performance related pay system…

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Who needs careers professionals?!

…Perhaps 50 years ago it was simply about deciding what a young person might like ‘to be’ when they grow up…But the complexity of the labour market, the opportunities available and the pace of change is such that young people need skills, knowledge and information from professionals who are specifically trained to provide it.

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Supporting teachers in their role: making the case for formal supervision in the workplace

The challenges that children and young people face in their everyday lives clearly have an impact on their ability to access and engage with their learning. And listening and attending to these issues is part of the daily work of many education professionals…At best this can be exhausting – at worst the ability of teachers […]

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Values Matter

Discussions around ‘British’ values, faith schools and inclusion remind us that values stand at the heart of what we do in education. At a national level values are embedded in the national curriculum and government policy decisions. At a local level schools must formulate and publish aims or mission statements identifying the principles which underpin […]

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What happens to schools who host lots of student teachers?

For a number of reasons it’s getting harder to find schools to say yes (to student placements), with two factors above all cited – the fear of the progress data of a particular class getting damaged by teaching from a very inexperienced student and, similarly, ‘our data isn’t good enough and we’re expecting an Ofsted […]

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Avoiding Newspeak: Why we need the critical voice of Higher Education in Initial Teacher Education

Given that teachers in schools can be positioned principally with being policy enactors and that education policy tends to be deeply implicated in political imperatives, some alternative perspectives are required if the thinking in schools is to evolve beyond the constant bending to policy initiatives…

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