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Education Election: Preparation for life or a commodity that can be bought? The Marketisation of Universities

The earliest universities promised to give…access to ideas about man, of being, and of man’s relationship with the universe. Nowadays, most modern universities are more practical, procedural and performative in character, driven by a much higher level of accountability for public funding…

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Education Election: Is the chase for exam grades an illusion?

In the educational marketplace, exam results have become the ‘currency’. Chris Carpenter challenges this narrative and argues grades have become subject to ‘commodity fetishism’ in contemporary education. In formal education settings assessment grades, and in particular the grades offered by passing formal exams, have become the ‘hard currency’ of education. This has become especially true […]

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Education Election: Schools in an age of austerity

How might the likely post-general election funding squeeze effect schools? Sam Freedman, Director of Research, Evaluation and Impact for Teach First and former Policy Advisor to Michael Gove, explores the consequences, concluding it could force schools to make some significant decisions regarding their futures. Over the course of the last Labour Government schools saw huge […]

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Education Election: Here we are again on teacher development

With another general election looming, education and teacher education is already featuring as a battle ground. Should our children be taught by qualified teachers or not? William Stow wonders whether this headline debate is a distraction from bigger issues and fails to address the key point – how do we recruit AND retain the best […]

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